Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tokyo Preparations

Imagine me, crawling out of my bed and coughing in a hoarse voice while face-palming myself, because: I haven’t packed anything yet, only a fraction of the traveling plans are fixed and we are flying to Japan in 6 days. And instead of starting to work on my to-do-list, I calmly sit down to log into my *slightly*neglected blog…since this is the first part of my Tokyo-Series…!

This first post though is more of a way to gather my thoughts for what is going to come… and my future self will probably look back at this and shake her head at how chaotic everything started.

Anyways, after having fought the flu for almost two weeks (and still recovering from it), I have been massively pushed back in my planning preparations schedule. I only have a few days to squeeze as much into as possible. But let me write down a short recap of past events:

In December 2013, after having watched an inspiring YouTube video late at night, I decided that: YES, I will go to Japan – no more lazy excuses and procrastinating. I called my boyfriend, presented him with a fait accompli and luckily he said: Ok, let’s do it! We booked our flights in May 2014 and arranged a hotel to stay in shortly after. So this October we will stumble around mostly the Tokyo region and try to explore as much as possible and have as much fun as possible.

Oh by the way, the flight tickets (and basically everything else) are expensive as hell. I’m talking debts people, debts have accumulated! We will be paying them off for long after the trip has ended but along the lines of YOLO it’s alright and it will be OK - since I’m convinced it will be worth it. J

My plan for today is to pack my suitcase to 90% while my boyfriend is at work and to study some more Japanese. The suitcases have been hauled down from the dusty vault and are waiting to be filled. My packing-list is halfway done and the rest of my necessities will be thrown in while I’m in the packing-flow. Yeah, that’s how I tackle almost everything in life… I know….but I’m still alive!

23 kilos of luggage and 8 kilos for hand baggage have to be mulled over wisely….

These are two cheap power adapters for Japan, which I had ordered from Amazon recently. Got to keep our mobile phones and cameras running overseas.

Here’s a lonely planet guide for Tokyo that I’m going to bring just in case, since I plan almost 100% of my trip through the internet. The other one is a very good beginner’s Japanese study-book in German…I need to study a few more chapters tonight.

So…this is the intermediate result of my packing efforts. I still need to sort out what to take for hand baggage and a few things have to be bought in the next couple of days. Can’t believe time has passed so quickly. Please excuse me for today; I’m going to hit the books now. See you in the next installment of my Tokyo-Series!

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