Monday, October 27, 2014

Tokyo Day 1

Finally I get around to post a few pictures of our first day in Tokyo. I can't post that many, because my boyfriend is depicted on most of the pictures (together with me) and he doesn't want to be shown on the Internet, which is understandable. I hope you enjoy the pictures I can show you though. I absolutely loved our time in Japan. The best place with the best people. Seriously, I love love love the japanese people! Can't wait to come back soon! :) 

My suitcase...definitely brought too much stuff. 1/3 would have been enough! *sighs*

Boarding time! Frankfurt International Airport...

Airplane food....was alright. I liked the cold green tea noodles the most.

After 10 hours of flight time... Tokyo!!!

Hello Kitty airplane...

First encounter with the famous japanese toilets in the Tokyo Haneda Airport. Kinda intimidating haha!

Next: One of the million? vending machines in Japan. I love them!

Chillin' in the bus waiting area...waiting for our limobus to pick us up and bring us to our hotel.

My vending machine yield...yummy

Driving on the highway in Japan....we are finally felt unreal!

Arriving in Ikebukuro. Love this part of Tokyo!

Pocket wifi by Japan Wireless. I ordered this 2 weeks prior to flying to Japan. It was sent to the front desk of our hotel and was waiting for us when we arrived. Perfect! A must-have when you travel to Japan! Faster than the hotel wifi even and we had a great internet connection everywhere in Tokyo and other parts of Japan...and it included an extra battery pack! 

Ikebukuro by night....

Strolling around and looking for....

Mutekiya Ramen! Near the East Exit of Ikebukuro Station!

Waiting at the entrance to be called in....smelling the yummy ramen!

Only had a few seats...but super cosy and nice ambience!

My boyfriends english menu available...but luckily pictures. :) In Japan everything tastes good, so you can just pick anything really haha...

Best. Ramen. Ever.....

Mutekiya Ramen from outside. People standing in line again as we popular...and so good!

Cute bush owls near Ikeubukuro JR Station....

Our first Family Mart loot. I love this store!!!!

Tokyo Day 2 post coming soon!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I love her so much

Oh how I love her. Cheeky little baby.
Just felt like putting up a few pictures I shot recently.
Also, I'm back from Japan. Best time ever. Still looking through my photos and videos from the trip. Kind of overwhelming since I have to study and complete loads of other tasks....but I hope I can upload the first Japan post tomorrow. :)