Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nahla hearts parks

My cat Nahla loves playing in our garden and in the park. Outside we keep her on a leash for safety reasons (mainly because of cars) which she doesn't mind, since she's used to it since she was a baby. People passing by mostly find it strange but a lot of times people would beam at us and say "You've got a cute cat!". :)
I hope winter is over fast and we can take Jimmy with us in spring on sunny days!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New family member!

As of today, Nahla has a little brother! We are so thrilled that he is in his new home with us! He is such a sweet and playful little pal. :)

Checking out the brand new cat toilets that I got recently. They are huge but I believe them to be much better than the regular one we had. I like that they have a higher back part, so everything stays inside haha!

We are still thinking of a name for him. Maybe Charlie...;) But not too sure yet...
Welcome sweetheart, we love you very much already! :D