Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tokyo Day 3

On day 3 of our Tokyo trip we went to shinjuku and some other random places around town. This picture was taken on our way to Ikebukuro Station...

Japan has the weirdest drinks. Almost every day I made it a habit to try new drinks from the vending machine...this one is lychee and salt flavoured. So yummy!

Oh yeah...so I figured I could actually pixelate the photos of my boyfriend (why didn't I think of this sooner?)..so here is pixel boy :) You will see him quite often in the next blog posts of Tokyo :) He's checking our Tokyo Metro App...which I love! And I love Tokyo Metro....so convenient and clean!

Somewhere in Shinjuku...we walked in the wrong direction and wandered around aimlessly for a few hours I must confess...but we didn't mind...everything in Japan was new to us so it was all good! :) This day was so hot, btw,  the heat was killing us...but you can't really tell in the photos! 

Can you spot the woman with the parasol?

Side streets...

My skin was still recovering from the flight and this stupid phase were I experimented with not putting on moisturizers on my face for a week (don't ask!)... -_- Sorry to all the japanese people who had to look at me! ;)

You know,...just going where our feet were taking us...did I mention it was blazing hot??!!

Japanese fast food place...some type of meat bowl and I had a burger with rice and curry?

Cheap and quite good!

We spotted a Uniqlo store!

Mirror Wefie! Pixel boy and me in my tourist wear...seriously...I always travel in comfy clothes...can't be bothered to look chic ;)! Pixel boy bought a few things in Uniqlo...I played the role of his shopping assistant. :D

Japan = cuteness deluxe

This was a miniature in a clothing store...I think this shows the designers of the brand....but I forgot the brand name! ^^ Still pretty neat...

Those pies were making my mouth water...so pretty!

We found a nice café and were seated by the lovely staff who were incredibly friendly...(we never met a japanese person who wasn't friendly though! They are seriously the best!)

Please don't look at my sweaty and ugleh face. I'm vain like that, yes...

This is what I had...I forgot the name...mont blanc something? With a caramelized date on top.

My drink of choice...

Pixel boy's order....

So cute! And so yummy...

Mine was filled with a sweet cream and it was very fluffy.

A food department in Lumine (I think)....

We were there in october so the halloween-theme was going on...

Cute stuff in Lumine 2....

We passed a Ladurée counter but I think I'm the only person in this world who is not into this whole macaron trend....??? :D The ladurée ones are quite nice but I prefer brownies and icecream xD....

This must be back in Ikebukuro...we went back to our hotel to take a break...:)

I just love this place :)

After our break, we went out again and got off on a random  bus stop...just to explore freely...we had a beautiful and long walk through some part of Tokyo....

This is us after we bought a few yummy snacks from an actual super market...I love japanese super markets and stores in general! The cashiers will pack your grocery bag for you...and they do it very neatly and with gusto! You feel so respected as a valued customer! I wish it was like this in germany... But the whole process took a lot longer. I guess in germany the people just want to get the hell out of the supermarket so the cashiers almost throw your stuff off the counter haha! "Give us all your money but get out fast!" :D

My love.... :)

This is one of my favourite drinks...very refreshing...

And of course we head to FamilyMart before going to bed....my midnight snack was Pocky! Hope you liked Tokyo Day 3...!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tokyo Day 2

cute store in the Ikebukuro metro station

This is our second day in Tokyo...seriously, the jet lag was crazy. We were so tired and still overwhelmed at the fact that we were in Japan, so we didn't really take a lot of pictures. In a nutshell, we wandered around Ikebukuro (which I didn't document) and then we went to the Marunouchi area at Tokyo Station, visited the grounds of the Imperial Palace and then we checked out these amazing shopping malls in the area...KITTE, OAZO (yeah, can't afford anything in there btw!)...then we walked along Marunouchi Naka-Dori....and ate a lot of food in between. Tokyo Station was very beautiful at night...we just sat there, watched the salarymen and women walk around busily and enjoyed every moment :).

The ditch around the Imperial Palace grounds was really huge. At first we were confused as to where the entrance was and we had to walk a lot!

Love the contrast between old and new architecture :)

Bumping in to german tourists a lot...and like...everytime when we were talking nonsense or being silly (in german)...suddenly germans popping out of nowhere and staring at us....damnit! XD

The weather was not that good...it was kinda humid and cloudy...but I was so happy!

There are so many nice pictures I took, but I can't show because my boyfriend is in all of them haha! So please make do with this picture of the palace ditch...(I had to look that word up....wonder if it is the right term)

All of the pictures inside the grounds are with my boyfriend (duhhhh), so we're back outside at this point. Sadly we couldn't advance to the actual Imperial Palace, because it is only open to visitors once a year I believe?

The area is so huge...but it was a nice walk...lots of joggers around here too.

We saw a lot of these decorative tiles...differen plants and flowers depicted...very cute :)

Now back to the Marunouchi area...which consists of mainly office buildings and shops if I recall correctly...

All very well-kept and neat....well, we are in Japan of course :)

Let's grab a snack at Dean & Deluca...

Tokyo Station from a side view....it is inspired by dutch architecture I believe. Very european feel...!

Japans hard working people....

We were starving in between...I think this was a chinese eatery in one of the Marunouchi buildings...yummy

One of my favourite stores....Tokyu Hands...love iiiit

Having a smoothie after shopping and checking out what the different floors have to offer in Shin Marunouchi Bldg..

Tokyo Station by night...such a calm atmosphere here...lovely evening

Entering KITTE...so fancy schmancy....couldn't afford anything...but we had a coffee and brownies and again I loved it...hehe


Back in Ikebukuro after a looong and intense day...getting my midnight snack from Family Mart :)