Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tokyo Day 2

cute store in the Ikebukuro metro station

This is our second day in Tokyo...seriously, the jet lag was crazy. We were so tired and still overwhelmed at the fact that we were in Japan, so we didn't really take a lot of pictures. In a nutshell, we wandered around Ikebukuro (which I didn't document) and then we went to the Marunouchi area at Tokyo Station, visited the grounds of the Imperial Palace and then we checked out these amazing shopping malls in the area...KITTE, OAZO (yeah, can't afford anything in there btw!)...then we walked along Marunouchi Naka-Dori....and ate a lot of food in between. Tokyo Station was very beautiful at night...we just sat there, watched the salarymen and women walk around busily and enjoyed every moment :).

The ditch around the Imperial Palace grounds was really huge. At first we were confused as to where the entrance was and we had to walk a lot!

Love the contrast between old and new architecture :)

Bumping in to german tourists a lot...and like...everytime when we were talking nonsense or being silly (in german)...suddenly germans popping out of nowhere and staring at us....damnit! XD

The weather was not that was kinda humid and cloudy...but I was so happy!

There are so many nice pictures I took, but I can't show because my boyfriend is in all of them haha! So please make do with this picture of the palace ditch...(I had to look that word up....wonder if it is the right term)

All of the pictures inside the grounds are with my boyfriend (duhhhh), so we're back outside at this point. Sadly we couldn't advance to the actual Imperial Palace, because it is only open to visitors once a year I believe?

The area is so huge...but it was a nice walk...lots of joggers around here too.

We saw a lot of these decorative tiles...differen plants and flowers depicted...very cute :)

Now back to the Marunouchi area...which consists of mainly office buildings and shops if I recall correctly...

All very well-kept and neat....well, we are in Japan of course :)

Let's grab a snack at Dean & Deluca...

Tokyo Station from a side is inspired by dutch architecture I believe. Very european feel...!

Japans hard working people....

We were starving in between...I think this was a chinese eatery in one of the Marunouchi buildings...yummy

One of my favourite stores....Tokyu iiiit

Having a smoothie after shopping and checking out what the different floors have to offer in Shin Marunouchi Bldg..

Tokyo Station by night...such a calm atmosphere here...lovely evening

Entering fancy schmancy....couldn't afford anything...but we had a coffee and brownies and again I loved it...hehe


Back in Ikebukuro after a looong and intense day...getting my midnight snack from Family Mart :)

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